Friday, 12 August 2011

Heston from Waitrose Oak-Smoked Salt

STOP PRESS!! For those who are interested, Waitrose are now selling this at 25% off, instore and online.

How I discovered it: Looking for pear puree for my husband (don’t ask), I saw this adorable, fat little jar full of what looked like sugar crystals. On closer inspection, I saw that it was dirty-looking salt – but it went in the basket as soon as I saw the word ‘smoked’ – anything smoked, and I’m in! 

What they say: “Smoked Anglesey Sea Salt. Great for sprinkling over steamed vegetables and barbecued meats for a deep, smoky flavour. This salt is smoked over Welsh oak and adds a smoky flavour to food. Sprinkle a little over steamed vegetables or fried eggs, on barbecued meat or smoked fish to enhance the smokiness or try a pinch on top of a chocolate pudding or barbecued bananas to add an unexpected element.”

What I say: Wow. Smells divine and tastes divine! So far I’ve tried it on eggs and fish – and (medical professionals, look away now!) on its own. Delicious! My husband says it’s fantastic on his favourite potato-fried-onion combo. I’m determined to try it with something chocolate at some point – and if I could be bothered to barbecue a banana, I’m sure it would be wonderful on that too. At £5.49 for a small jar, it definitely falls into the ‘special treat’ category – but it looks great on the table, and would make a nice little present for a foodie friend.

What could be improved: Not a thing! 

The verdict: Lorelei loves it!

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