Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask

How I discovered it: When I’m in New York, I love going to Ricky’s NYC (if you’ve never been – go!) and stocking up on hair and beauty products. I was looking for a hair masque (of which more anon), and thought I’d give Phyto a try. 

What they say: “Phyto Paris Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask is specially designed to instantly moisturise and protect dry hair. Jojoba oil, which is extracted from the jojoba plant seed, was chosen for its gentleness and remarkable compatibility with the hair's natural characteristics. Known for its regenerative, emollient and protective properties, jojoba oil moisturises dry hair leading the way to nourished, healthy hair. With its creamy texture and delicate scent, the mask provides deep conditioning by restructuring the hair's protective film, which helps hair retain moisture. Known for their purifying and toning properties, essential oils of South African sweet orange, angelica seeds and root extracts impart shine and vitality while their soothing action prevents irritation on even the most sensitive scalps. The natural gum derivative in the formula helps to instantly detangle hair without weighing it down while a natural UV filter protects hair from external stresses. With continued use of Phytojoba hair mask, hair becomes revitalised, shiny and more manageable.”

What I say: A few years back, when I was having my hair straightened chemically (via the Yuko method, which was fabulous!), my technician told me that ordinary conditioner wouldn’t really be enough for me anymore and that I should start using a hydrating masque (ordinarily a once-a-week or even once-a-month treat) after every shampoo. Phyto have a couple of hair masques, but I liked the smell of this one the best. It’s easy to use – just put a 10p (or quarter, if you’re in the US) sized blob through your hair after shampooing, concentrating on the ends. Leave for three minutes (or 15 minutes, if you have time) and rinse out. In my opinion, it’s as good as a salon-conditioning treatment. Like most women, I put my hair through a lot of abuse: colour, blow-drying, flat-irons, etc. – but I credit this product with keeping my hair healthy-looking and strong. At £16.30/$27.54 for 200 mls, it’s expensive – but even using it after every shampoo, a pot lasts me at least a month.

What could be improved: For those of us who use it all the time, a larger, more economical pot would be welcome!

The verdict: Lorelei loves it! 

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