Sunday, 10 April 2011

BaByliss 2775U Big Hair Rotating Styler

How I discovered it: I’d seen versions of a rotating styler for years – usually on infomercials, with super-cheesy presentation, which put me off. Then I stumbled on a BaByliss demonstration video on YouTube – and got hooked. 

What they say: “Gorgeous volume and shine as you dry. Revolutionary rotating styling brush moves clockwise and counter-clockwise. Designed with a revolutionary rotating action, the BaByliss Big Hair styler is the hot new way to add gorgeous volume and shine to your hair. Fun and easy to use, the Big Hair styler features a rotating styling brush with a 700W hair dryer that lifts and shines your hair for a gorgeous high volume look. For years, professional hairdressers have been creating the big hair look for celebrity clients using a brush and a hair dryer. Now you can get the same high volume, full body celeb style with ease using the Big Hair styler.

What I say: Wow! Where have you been all my life? I have the kind of hair you’d expect the daughter of woman with thick, stick-straight hair and a man with kinky, curly Persian-lamb hair to have – i.e. very wavy, with a delightful layer of frizz on top. My life has been an endless search for smooth hair: products, chemical straightening, irons... you name it. I also happen to be the teensiest bit uncoordinated – that, plus my short attention span, makes ordinary blow drying a bit of a trial. This styler makes my hair straightish with body, I can operate it with one hand, and it’s FAST. From £39.95, I think it’s a great investment.

What could be improved: It does get very hot and in my opinion should be treated more as a styling tool than a hair dryer. DO follow the instructions about rough-drying and consider using a blow-dry protection product. I use Kerastase oil (see my previous post if you’re interested – I love the stuff!).

The verdict: Lorelei loves it!

And here’s the demo video: