Monday, 3 January 2011

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter

How I discovered it: Trawling down the baby aisle at Waitrose to pick up some baby wipes for my husband (don’t ask), this plain little pot caught my eye. 

What they say: “Baby bottom butter is made with only the purest, gentlest ingredients to soothe, protect and pamper your baby's skin. The comforting aroma of vanilla can help calm your baby, while olive oil and chamomile are believed to nourish the skin and help protect against nappy rash.”

“Ingredients: Olea Europeae (Olive Oil), Hydrogenated Olive Oil, Vanillin, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile Oil).”

What I say: Wow! Change the label, slap a £20 price tag on the pot, and I’d probably still buy this. I don’t use it on my face, as it’s too heavy, but it’s a terrific body cream – especially in winter. It’s also a fantastic pre-flight cream. Airplane cabins are notoriously drying, but this keeps me moisturised as I flit back and forth across the Atlantic (and ensures that I’m touchably soft for those TSA patdowns...). Added to that, it’s free from chemicals and preservatives. It has a very subtle vanilla scent that shouldn’t conflict with most perfumes. At £2.49 for a 125 ml pot that lasts ages, I think it’s worth a punt. 

What could be improved: There was a bit of media surge about this in 2008 and it was hard to get hold of a pot for awhile – but it seems normal service has resumed, so I have no reservations at all!

The verdict: Lorelei loves it!


  1. Get me down that baby aisle!

  2. Let me know what you think of it, Hilda! :oD

  3. You mean it's not made from babies' bottoms?

    Man, you can't believe any labels anymore.

  4. It might be made from the bottoms of baby olives.... :o)